Who is MXTV?

[ WHO ]

  • MXTV is a 30 minute TV show

[ WHAT ]

  • MXTV : Music | Message | Media
  • Your voice. Your time.

[ WHEN ]

MXTV has produced over 220 episodes during 24 years of continual television broadcast

  • MXTV episodes can be currently seen numerous times a week, across numerous platforms


MXTV airs on about 23 Christian networks in the USA and many more abroad.
– MXTV.org

  • MXTX reaches about 150 countries
  • MXTV is translated into 8 languages; Chinese, Korean, Russia, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Dutch
  • Social Platforms; Mission X Media

[ HOW ]

  • Internet and Television
  • The newest and very successful evangelism arm of MXTV is aSafePlaceOnline.com
  • MXTV is a nonprofit;  501-c3   (mission x mission inc.)

[ WHY ]

  • The BEST part about MXTV is God has changed many lives through it.
  • Here are some of their stories:
  • MXTV is a TV show that empowers young people to truly live by introducing them to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
  • MXTV’s passion is for young people to experience scripture spoken in a language and set in a cultural context that they “recognize as their own.” Doing so, we trust they will encounter God, resulting in their salvation.
  • MXTV will never stop believing in our young generations. It’s our hope and love for them that inspires us to keep reaching this generation, and the next, with compassion and Truth. MXTV will always be, generations ahead.

Our giving address is;

Mission X Mission
810 Oak Meadow Dr.
Unit #681302
Franklin, TN.

Or you can donate online at mxtv.show/donate

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