Message From Tim

Message From Tim

Because “God so loves the world,” we can too. We are inspired to make sure everyone knows they have been accepted by God. Even before they knew of Him. Or cared for Him. But we need your help. When you hear, people say, “we can’t do it without you,” do you believe them? Well, with MXTV, it’s just the plain truth. It’s only together, that the ‘doing gets done’ when it comes to sharing the Gospel. Bottom line, MXTV exists on every level due to your generosity of time and financial gift.

By being a part of the team in any way, you are personally producing the always relevant Gospel, in a generational context. We feel THAT is something worth doing. And doing well. We’re honored that you feel the same. Thank you for being “in this together.”

Re-Presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation has been our cause for over 20 years! Propelled by people simply wanting to be a part of the greatest cause on earth. Every year God has miraculously expanded MXTV’s capacity to reach more people, in more ways! How? By regular people, just like you!

Mission X Mission Inc. is non-profit, 501(c)(3)

Click here to partner with MXTV. You can become a monthly, quarterly, yearly or one-time donor.

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