Join hosts Kelly K and Tim Bisagno on the “Mix It Up” podcast as they discuss topics and issues in culture, news, faith, and more!


The One True Religion

There are literally thousands of religions on earth. Why is Jesus and Christianity the one and only true religion where God reached down to man through Jesus to save them through grace, and not where man worked his way to god through his own rules and legalism? Hosts Kelly K and Tim B talk it over, and it is very good news!

What Commandment Do We Break the Most?

Out of the 10 commandments God gave to Moses, which one do we break the most? Hosts Kelly K and Tim B reveal which one in this podcast, and it will surprise you.

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

The age old question.. Do all dogs go to heaven? Speaking of that, what happens to humans after they die? Some think nothing, other’s think you come back to do it all again. Check out what hosts Kelly K and Tim B have to say about this topic. There is good news on the other side.

What’s Your Purpose

Many wander through life wondering why they are here or what is their purpose. In this episode, Hosts Kelly K and Tim B talk about it, and you may hear information that will shed new light on the subject.


Should a christian have a tattoo? Hosts Kelly K and Tim B discuss this prickly subject.

Social Media

Hosts Kelly K and Tim B discuss the trap of social networking and how it can negatively impact lives.

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